Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Blog Review: Southern Fried Wiccan

Susan Sipal's blog, Southern Fried Wiccan, is chiefly themed around Harry Potter and the significance of the writing and other aspects of the Harry Potter universe.

The appearance of Southern Fried Wiccan is very mystical in a magical enchanting sort of way. The background is a ghostly blue forest and the headline at the top is what seems to be of a most beautiful original design. The text is at just the right size for perfect readability without being too large, and it's black on white so the words absolutely pop.

Each blog post is labeled in large red text that is easily readable. The labels do appear to be consistently longer than one would think. For example: Withholding Backstory to Ensnare Readers' Interest with Example from Harry Potter.

In Sipal's post, Withholding Backstory to Ensnare Readers' Interest with Example from Harry Potter, she describes the necessity of holding back vital information about a specific character's background. This is important to do because it leaves the audience wondering, hungry for what the answer might be later. Though it's important to leave some mystery it is also important not confuse the audience with a poor runty amount of information that they have nothing to go off of. They have to find a balance between the two that will leave the audience desperate to flip to the next page for more.

There are a few things hyperlinked in red on this post, though not many for this is more of an experience/credible opinion piece of writing. One can tell that the writer is fairly experienced in fiction writing and plot/character development by the use of language.

The comments are long, intelligent, and civilized, giving personal opinion and insight on the topic of the post.

This is a very unique and well rounded blog with a lot of interesting view points on Harry Potter and fiction writing. From just a couple of the posts that I read I know that I left more intelligent and more thoughtful than when I began.

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